Hello. You seem to have stumbled upon the RPI Juggling Club's website. This is not a mistake but by design.
We spend two hours twice a week being silly and playing with really cool toys, so please feel free to join in, even if you are not a RPI student.

The RPI Juggling & Unicycling Club supports all kinds of juggling as well as many types of circus arts including unicycling, acrobatics, devil sticks, poi spinning, diablo/Chinese yo-yo, hula hooping, jump roping, stilts, balancing on things that roll around, magic, and much more.

All skill levels are welcome! Many members join for the purpose of learning something new. Not to worry though, experienced members are more than happy to teach and we sometimes hold workshops, or see local shows. It's fun. Sometimes we grab ice cream after our meetings.

-Wendy Tully-Gustafson
President of RPI Juggling & Unicycling Club